Discipleship comes from the word disciple, and a disciple is a learner. More importantly, we want to be disciples of Jesus and to learn to be more like him. At FBC, we want to be more like Jesus in all we do.

Our pastor likes the term “spiritual formation” which he defines as “the process by which we are conformed to Jesus through the work of the Holy Spirit for the sake of the world.” Whether we study the Bible, worship, pray for a friend, or build a Habitat for Humanity house, we are becoming more like Jesus. Our goal is to live for him, and all we do is open our lives for the Holy Spirit to work so that we can learn to be more like Jesus.

We would add one element. There is a lot of talk about leadership in churches these days. These “who’s in charge” conversations sound more like a corporate boardroom than a group of disciples. For us, we believe the church has one leader, and his name is Jesus. We try our best to follow him. Though we confess we don’t always do that perfectly, we would invite you to join our imperfect efforts to follow him.